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When ML & I moved to the country 13 years ago I acquired the task of keeping about 4.5 acres mowed.  To call those acres a lawn would be overstating the case, but there is a certain amount of grass in the mix. 


Anyway, after the first year with an 18 inch walk-behind mower, I purchased a Honda lawn tractor to handle the job.   It's been a trouper, but this year, after 12 years of abuse, the Honda made it perfectly clear it was ready to retire.


The hardest part of mowing for me has always been maneuvering around the numerous trees, rocks, shrubs and flower beds that dot our property.  So I have been intrigued by the zero turn radius mowers.  Well, I don't have much time for shopping at this time of year, so I just bought what looked like a really solid machine with a Honda engine (they always seem to run well).  It's made by Hustler and called a "Fastrak Mini-Z".  All I can say is, I had no idea what I was missing.


The first time I mowed I found the controls to be  a little squirrelly, and I managed to drive it into a bog, from which  ML and I took half an hour and a load of muddy laundry to extract it.  I was a little discouraged.  But now I've had a couple of more session, and I am completely wowed.  This thing not only turns in zero radius but does so with zero effort.  Moreover, it mows at about twice the speed on the old tractor.  Bottom line - I can do my mowing in about half the time with virtually no effort.

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That's a serious man-toy. Enjoy.

Posted by: Tillerman | Jun 25, 2006 5:10:37 PM

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