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Poptech 2006-2

Session 2

Technology’s embrace

Kevin Kelly


Transformational power of technology

Technological determinism

Looking at the world through the eyes of technology

Parameters of the web similar to the human brain at the moment, but doubling every 2 years. Web will exceed human processing in 2020-2040.

75% of power used by technium

Technology wants – MIPS, copying, no prohibitions

Ubiquity, diversity, specialization, complexity,

Clean water, air, eco-topia not prohibited

Worries – self replicating

Technology wins – altering environment for itself

Parenting our mind children find the right place for technology.

Tip the balance between problems and solutions by 1%

Technology gives choice


Marianne Weems


The builders association

Language of performance with technology

The connections mediated by technology presented on stage.


Hasan Elahi


FBI stops him in



Sleeping in airports, toilets used

Flights taken

Using technology to document his life

Flood the market w your information. Give up privacy.


Jason moran


Make you dance w left hand, puke w right

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