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Out of Syberia

I finally manged to finish Syberia. It took me a total of about fifteen hours to get through the whole thing. I was stumped a couple of times, but taking a few days off always seemed to give me a new perspective. After a while the puzzles took on something of a pattern.

My review: the art work and music are gorgeous and fully worth the effort expended just to experience - A+. The animation was pretty amazing, but we've been spoiled by Pixar and Dreamworks - B+. The story is original in details, if not in form - sort of a mystery quest, with some hints of self discovery - B-. The actors doing the voices of the characters were pretty bad, with a few notable exceptions, and so was the dialog - C-. The game play itself involved entirely too much time guiding the heroine (appropriately named Kate Walker) back and forth on errands. Granted it was back and forth through beautiful scenery, but still tedious - C-

Will I try the sequel? You bet!

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Santa Claus left a copy of the computer adventure game Syberia in my stocking. I hadn't really tried this kind of computer puzzle since Myst. Things have come a long way in 10 years. By 'things' I mean graphics, music, animation. Syberia is a beautiful world with entrancing scenery and haunting music. No shoot em up, just puzzles to solve, mostly cleverly done. My only complaints so far (and I am still in the early stages of exploration): the actors hired to voice the characters are generally not up to the quality of the rest of the production, and you spend a lot of time walking the heroine from place to place. But what places...

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