Haale at Poptech 2005


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PopTech 2005 - 3

the session starts with Ethan Lipton doing some very weird and wonderful songs.

Mind and Body

Todd Kuiken and Jesse Sullivan

State of the art of prosthesis.  Jesse has two prosthetic arms.  Using the nerves that control the arms redirected to chest muscles - then using those muscles to signal the prothesis.

He uses the same thought control to use the arm as he would to use his real arm.  He also has sensation in his chest that he would have in his hand so the sensations can be transfered.

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PopTech 2005 - 2+

a Zimbabwean musician, Zivanai Masango.

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Rainy Morning

It rained hard yesterday and was still coming down in sheets last night as Toby and I drove to the airport to meet ML's plane from Detroit.  It's great to have her home, I feel lucky to have her as my companion, a reason to sleep at one side of the bed. 

This morning it's still raining.  I woke up with a Dylan song in my head, the other side of my coin:

They sat together in the park
and watched the evening sky grow dark.
She looked at him, he felt a spark
tingle to his bones.
It was then he felt alone
and wished that he'd gone straight
and watched out for a simple twist of fate.

They walked along by the old canal,
a little confused, I remember well,
and stopped into a strange hotel
with the neon burning bright.
He felt the heat of the night
hit him like a freight
train driven by a simple twist of fate

A saxophone somewhere far off played
as she was walking by the arcade.
As light burst through the beat up shade
where he was waking up,
she dropped a coin into the cup
of a blind man at the gate
and forgot about a simple twist of fate

When he woke up the room was bare -
he couldn't see her any where.
He told himself he didn't care,
pushed the window open wide,
felt an emptiness inside
to which he just could not relate
brought on by a simple twist of fate.

He hears the ticking of the clocks,
walks along with a parrot that talks,
hunts her down by the waterfront docks
where the sailors all come in.
Maybe she'll pick him out again.
How long must he wait
once more for a simple twist of fate?

People tell me it's a sin
to know and feel too much within.
I still believe she was my twin,
but I lost the ring.
She was born in spring,
but I was born too late.
Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

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B is for Bass

As in Bass Guitar.  My instrument of choice.  My musical life is not nearly well enough connected to the rest of my life, but that's the way it has to be.  Fortunately, bass is the perfect instrument for that condition.  It is both rythmic and melodic, but it is relatively undemanding, technically, so that even someone like me who doesn't have the time (or the discipline) to practice regularly can carry the load in an R&B band such as the one I play in.   Actually, not being too proficient is an advantage, because the best bass playing is unobtrusive, though not without power. 

The time I do get to spend making music with others is satisfying all out of proportion to its fraction of my life, so I will keep doing it.  I am fortunate to play with friends who share music as an avocation and  grateful it is not my livelihood.  I spent a little time in college in a band that was actually trying to get gigs and earn money, and it was a stressful experience. 

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This is my current bass guitar - a blue 1990 Carvin LB75 5-string. Mine is a fretless version, but you can't tell by looking, because it has inlays where the frets would be. In fact, I have to admit with considerable chagrin that when I first started playing it in Daddy's Junky Music store, it took me quite a while to realize that it didn't have frets. The inlays make it a lot easier to play for someone like me who has always played fretted guitars before. I picked it up because I really wanted the low B string.

The instrument very reasonably priced, so I thought it would be a good starter 5 string, but I now have no urge to buy another. The Carvin is really solid and sounds great - generally unobtrusive, but with a nice punchy, growl when desired.

I have also become a real fretless fan. Although your fingering has to be a little more precise for perfect pitch, you can always hit the note exactly, even if your tuning has gone a bit off in mid song. Also, if you happen to hit an iota high of the right spot you are not playing high by a full tone.

Last night, the Fabulous Icons (my brother Ben, Cleave Horton, and myself) got together for a practice session for the first time since playing at my sister's (non) wedding in August. Great to be back making music.

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Closet Country

Last night, my band worked on some new material. The piece that worked the best, we all agreed, was Chuck Berry's "The Promised Land". It had a real rockabilly feel. Very close to country. That doesn't make me a bad berson, does it?

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