Too many blogs soil the stoop

I have been neglecting this space.  Some of the energy I have available for blogging has been siphoned off by the dream blog and the business blog.

Yes, dreaming is me (or mostly me... if you have dreams you'd like to post there, email me.)  I was a little coy at first about admitting it, but my dreams turn out to be neither as scatological (fortunately) nor as prurient (unfortunately) as I feared.   So I put that link over in Murmurs and just welcome all comers into my dreamscape, poorly though it be conveyed. 

And my comments on life as a sailmaker and on sailors, except for the most unflattering ones, will now appear over at the Maine Sailing Partners blog.  I have help there from my co-workers, but, since the whole thing is my idea, I expect to have to do the lion's share of the posting.

So, I have been thinking about what that leaves for this space.  There are some things it's easy to eliminate.  I am not a diarist - I've tried a few times and petered out pretty quickly - never lasted anywhere near as long as I've been tending this space.  I am not a critic; you won't find me reviewing books, music, cinema, except to put in a plug for something I particularly like or pan something I particularly dislike.  I'm not a futurist, pundit, or polemicist.  I have no desire to search the web and point out stories or sites I find interesting - I don't have the time or the inclination for such research.

I could turn this site over exclusively to the hawking of anti-graffiti paint.   I could turn it into a photo blog.  I could just shut it down entirely.  But I don't think I will do any of those things.

So, where does that leave Windsend?  I'm not 100% sure I know.  I know I am not enough of a stylist that I can make the mundane fascinating, as a great writer can.  I will have to stick to describing events or making observations which I think are interesting on their own merit and which you, dear reader, are not likely to run across elsewhere. 

Or perhaps we can make this a little more of a conversation.  Let me know if there is something you would like to ask me about...

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Business Blog

Ms Feverish, who is studying blogs and bloggers posts the eloquent suggestion that blogging is new form of expression - a new personal art form.  This post should be required reading for bloggers and blog readers.  The blog post /comment structure defines the relationship between blogger and audience - more active and intimate than most conversations between artist and audience, but more hierarchical than a conversation of equals.

I have been talking to the webmaster for my sailloft's site about incorporating a blog.  He suggested at forum or set of forums.  My experience has been that web based forums, which are, by structure, conversations between (often anonymous) equals, are predominately trivial - not something I want our site to become.  It seems to me that the advantage of a blog for our business is that we can set the agenda - while with luck painting a picture of our business as an active and vibrant enterprise - yet allow visitors to enter a conversation with us, something we are as likely to learn from as they are.

If an MSP blog results, loft reports like the last post and other sailmaking trivia will probably move there.

By the way, is it just me, or does anyone else find "blog" an unfortunate locution?  For me, it conjures up an unholy combination of "Blob", "Slog", and "Bog" with all the sorry connotations of each.  I would love it if someone would invent a more elegant word for this new form. I am afraid I don't have one to offer.  Even if I did, I fear it might be too late to turn the tide.  Any ideas?

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